• Pressure transmitter high overload protected

Pressure transmitter high overload protected

piezoresistive principle of measurement, Type Series CD102./202.


  • Measuring ranges 0…2,5 bar up to 0…25 bar,
    relative and absolute pressure
  • Piezoresistive sensor element
  • Measuring system overload protected up to 250 bar
  • Stainless steel housing as standard or field housing
  • Output signal: 4…20 mA, 2-wire technology
  • High explosion protection for gases, IECEx
  • Overloaded protected up to 400 bar
  • Output signal:
    0…20 mA / 0…10 VDC / 2…10 VDC / 0…5 VDC



The device converts measured pressure values into the current or voltage unit signals that are typically used in process control technology. The transducer’s sensor is a piezoresistive semiconductor bridge circuit. The integrated overload switch is designed for continuous overpressure and has no wear parts.
A compensation network ensures that the output signal is largely unaffected by the process temperature.

Application area

● Chemical industry
● Shipping
● Process engineering
● Hydraulic control technology