• Pressure transmitter COMPACT

Pressure transmitter COMPACT

for general application, Type series CB60../CE61


  • Measuring ranges: 0…1 bar up to 0…400 bar
  • Linearity error including hysteresis < 0.2 % f.s.
  • Piezoresistive measuring system
  • Internal diaphragm (type series CB60 . .)
  • Flush mounted diaphragm (type series CE61 . .)
  • Wetted parts of stainless steel; completely welded
  • Stainless steel case as standard or field housing
  • Degree of protection IP 65, alternatively IP 67
  • Output signal: 4…20 mA
  • Process temperature up to 140 °C (short term, for sterilisation)
  • Approvals/Certificates
    - Explosion protection for gases
    - Certificate of measuring equipment for Russian Federation
    - Classification per SIL2
    - GL-approval



The device converts pressure measurements into a load-independent current signal. Because of their robust design these transmitters are suitable for use in tough environments. The process temperature is allowed up to 140 °C (short term). The flush mounted diaphragm allows dead-zone free measuring. The transmitters have extensive circuitry which ensures electromagnetic compatibility.


Application area

● Chemical and petrochemical industry
● General process engineering
● Shipping
● General process technology

Type series